Our providers are Carrick Institute trained Chiropractic Neurologists. You can learn more about the Carrick Institute here: https://carrickinstitute.com/programs/traumatic-brain-injury/

Laser Therapy is designed to target the body’s optimal light absorbing complexes to treat pain and accelerate the healing process.  By combining several wavelengths, and various modes of delivery all models are effective in treating pain, decreasing inflammation, and increasing circulation. We use the K Laser, learn more about the benefits of K Laser here: https://k-laser.com/medical-patients

People of all ages have turned to IM to help them overcome a wide range of impairments. Whether you are looking to help your child do better in school or improve your mother’s recovery from an injury, IM can help. You can learn more about the IM technology by visiting their website here: https://www.interactivemetronome.com/clients-landing-page

To learn about PA Chiropractic Association or the American Chiropractic Association you can visit their sites here: https://pennchiro.org/ and https://www.acatoday.org/