The Balance Tracking System (BTrackS) accesses and trains balance by administering computerize protocols with gold standard force plate technology. It is used for fall risk analysis, balance improvement, concussion management, chiropractic care, and physical therapy.

The protocols are easy to administer and the results include comparisons to normative data where possible. It offers five (5) different protocols for balance assessment and balance training for rehabilitation.

Balance & Fall Risk Assessment – The BTrackS Balance Test is a general balance assessment providing detailed postural sway analysis. After each trial, the centimeters of postural sway are calculated and compared to over 200,000 norms to calculate percentile rankings. In addition, a fall risk assessment of Low, Moderate or High is provided with each test result.

Weight Distribution – Accurately determine weight distribution percentages in the left/right and front/back directions as well s the location of body center of pressure as it relates to global postural alignment.

CTSIB – The Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance is used to assess how that main three sensory feedback systems for balance (i.e. propriocepetion, vision, vestibular) function relative to one another. Integrated normative data provides percentile rankings for each of the four trials.

Limits of Stability – Measure the functional base of support using this biofeedback assessment. Patients stand with feet flat ont he plate and lean as far as possible in all directions. The total area, and the area in each quadrant of the plate is calculated in real time.

Cervical Challenge – Measure postural sway with the patient’s head in 11 different positions. The different positions expose specific vestibular configurations and performance on each trial can be interpreted and utilized by a trained neurologist.