The Focus Builder App is a unique approach to eye movement training through an app. The app provides our doctors with tools on how to help our patients achieve therapeutic benefits through eye movements such as pursuits, saccades, and anti-saccades. These specific types of eye exercises create more than just therapeutic benefits — they can improve brain function as well.

Therapeutic Eye Movement – Moving your eyes in various patterns, speeds, and directions can activate specific parts of your brain. This is exactly what we intended the Focus Builder app to be able to do. Focus Builder, a leading eye exercise app, benefits patients thanks to the convenience of mobile devices; patients can use it anywhere.

The therapeutic benefits of functional neurology eye movement training are immense, and the app highlights the three main eye movements which have therapeutic benefits.

  1. Pursuits: These exercises strategically keep your eyes fixed on a moving target.
  2. Saccades: The benefits of saccades exercises are immense due to the improvement of velocity, accuracy, and its therapeutic benefit.
  3. Anti-Saccades: The benefits of anti-saccades exercises improve your ability to concentrate while ignoring distractions.

Brain Activation Through Eye Movement- Eye movement and exercise have the ability to activate areas within the brain. There are numerous functions within the brain that you can improve through brain activation via eye exercises such as executive function/behavior, attention, impulse control, motivation, and more.

There are many benefits of eye movements, and the Focus Builder app highlights them through eye exercises, which create a therapeutic outcome for the patient that is fully customizable by the clinician.