Our office proudly offers a multitude of rehabilitation techniques to treat a wide variety of complex neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. In our office we use cutting edge technology to aid and treat multiple conditions with a high degree of objectivity and specificity.

Functional Neurology Rehabilitation focuses on treatment that is designed to comprehensively address the diagnosis from the root cause, not simply the symptoms. We incorporate a wide array of rehabilitative techniques to address the specific deficiencies identified by examination. In addition to individual rehabilitation we offer intensive therapy which dedicates services to an intensive week of care to exponentially increase improvement upon your condition.

Cambridge Brain Sciences

At Lancaster Brain & Spine we offer cognitive assessments to objectively measure, assess and manage core areas of cognition using the Cambridge Brain Sciences platform. As a part of our neuro-cognitive testing it is standard practice to objectively check areas such as memory, attention, reasoning and verbal ability — all cognitive abilities you need to function optimally in everyday life.

Computerized Balance Testing

The Balance Tracking System gives us an all in one solution to access and train balance by administering computerized protocols with the gold standard force plate technology. It is used for fall risk analysis, balance improvement, concussion management, chiropractic care, and physical therapy.

Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome (IM) is the only training program that improves timing of the brain in an organized, systematic, flexible and engaging format. Research shows that combining movement and cognitive tasks leads to better overall outcomes. IM is a patented and unique training tool that challenges thinking and movement simultaneously, providing real-time millisecond feedback to help synchronize the body’s internal clock.


Videonystagmography is considered the gold standard in examining vestibular function. Balance problems, dizziness and ocular motor dysfunction can be assessed through VNG, as well as helping to examine many central brain issues.

Baseline Concussion Testing

The Highmark EQ is a mobile brain assessment platform that delivers comprehensive neurological assessment through game-based testing. It is an easier, faster, and more relevant method of assessment that more precisely mirros that modern understanding of dynamic brain function and other methods used today. It offers a multitude of games that test balance, cognitive function and visual function. Call our office to speak to one of our providers today to see how you or your children can have a baseline test.


An application of Photobiobodulation (PBM) technology to enhance brain functions. Vielight’s ability to influence brain wave patterns is novel and open up new opportunities in ground-breaking non-invasive brain stimulation development.

NeuroSensorimotor Integrator (NSI)

The NSI is designed to offer a host of therapy procedures to a wide range of patients requiring visual or neuro therapy.

Focus Builder

The therapeutic benefits functional neurology eye movement training are immense. Eye movement and exercise have the ability to activate areas within the brain. There are numerous functions within the brain that you can improve through brain activation via eye exercises such as executive function/behavior, attention, impulse control, motivation and more.

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy is a form of rehabilitation that helps to stabilize a patients gaze, posture, balance and gait. Often times, these exercises will include combinations of head and body movement in concert with eye exercises. Stable gaze, posture, balance and gait are so vital to our every day function that many types of injuries, conditions and disease processes cant benefit from vestibular therapy.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation focuses on the restoration and recovery from injuries or conditions affecting muscles, ligaments and joints. Musculoskeletal conditions are the most frequently reports complaints affecting quality of life. We have the ability to incorporate a wide array of rehabilitative techniques to address the specific deficiencies identified by examination.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.

Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM)

The ATM concept provides our providers the practical ability to perform integrated passive and active therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. This approach aims to normalize movement impairments that are related to patient complaints, as detected int he functional examination. It provides immediate and long-lasting benefits to many back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, hip and knee sufferers.

Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is a therapeutic treatment to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. In addition, it encourages cell tissue repair and growth.

Vibe Plate

Using a VibePlate is fairly simple. While properly positioned, the entire body vibrates due to the frequency of the platform, which causes the muscles to contract and stretch in order to sustain balance. These natural reflexes are involuntary and happen very rapidly. Even the most basic exercises will be intensified. Depending on your level of fitness, the duration and frequency of use will vary. Before when you exercised you might be using 40% of your muscles, with VibePlate you are using 100% of your muscles.


Physitrack allows our providers to connect with patients and set up an at home exercise program specific to them. Patients download the free PhysiApp patient app to follow perfect form exercise videos and report back on their progress, both online and offline. In-app reminders keep patients on track and motivated, while the instant messaging feature allows the provider to stay in touch with each patient in real-time.

Motion Guidance

The Motion Guidance system provides instant visual feedback when performing exercises — and its fun! Studies have shown that integrating visual feedback external cues allows for superior learning and engagement.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the practice of soft tissue manipulation with physical, functional, and in some cases psychological purposes and goals. It can help lessen back pain, improve range of motion, and allow the body to relax and rejuvenate.