What Is Dysautonomia? A Comprehensive Guide For Patients and Caregivers


As a chiropractic neurology clinic, you can imagine we encounter patients struggling with a variety of neurological disorders. One of the main conditions we see and treat is dysautonomia.  Dysautonomia is an umbrella term for a complex neurological disorder that affects the autonomic nervous system. It causes a range of symptoms and can present in […]

A Guide To Diagnosing Peripheral Neuropathy: 10 Ways To Self-Assess At Home

A photo of hands with Peripheral Neuropathy

We all know that regular health assessments are crucial for maintaining good health. Not only can they help us detect problems early on, but they also provide valuable insight into your overall well-being.  While your primary care physician may perform health assessments during your annual check-up, you can also take responsibility for your health by […]

Concussion: 9 Natural Ways To Boost Your Recovery At Home

Suffering from a concussion can be a disorienting, frightening and stressful experience. However, the good news is that many minor concussions can be treated at home with the right care and attention. At Lancaster Brain & Spine, our main goal is to support you or your loved one through the healing process, so you can […]

What Is Dizziness? A Quick Guide To Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

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One of the most common complaints our physicians deal with is patients coming in with feelings of dizziness. Most people recognize this disorienting sensation as a warning sign that something’s not quite right in their bodies. Just like how pain warns us that something hurts, dizziness alerts us that something may be out of balance. […]

What Is Videonystagmography & How Can It Help Me?

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘The eyes are the window to the soul?’ This phrase usually refers to observing a person’s emotional well-being, however the eyes also play a major role in identifying neurological conditions. At Lancaster Brain & Spine, we use a combination of scientific research and cutting-edge technology to track and treat […]