“After a few months of not seeing results with a local physical therapy place as a result of an on the job injury Dr. Stephen Hazlett with Lancaster Brain and Spine was recommended to me by my Workers Comp doctor. Going into the first appointment I was a little apprehensive and had the overall feeling I was wasting my time due to my past experience with the aforementioned PT business. I could not have been more wrong. Lancaster Brain and Spine is great! They are super friendly, welcoming, know what they are doing and operate a very clean environment. While back injuries are not fixed overnight and generally take a gradual healing process, I have been very pleased with the care they have provided and highly recommend their practice.”

— Glenn R.

“Dr Hazlett did an excellent job explaining what was going on with my back, explaining how he was going to adjust my back, and physically showing me the exercises he recommended I work on. I have been in and out of doctor’s offices the past few years where I felt like I was a number, and they were in a rush to get me out the door. This was the best experience I have had in a doctor’s office in very long time.”

— Fred L.

“Dr. Bushong always does such a great job! I’ve been going to Lancaster Brain & Spine for almost 5 years now. I go for routine adjustments, and I have been feeling great for quite a while now.”
— Chris L.
“Danielle is great. I appreciate her professionalism and sensitivity. She always voluntarily goes above and beyond the call to make sure I'm doing well. Thank you Lancaster.”
— Connie F.

“I had my last session today with Dr Hazlett and I will say that I’ve appreciated his input into my life. He’s helped me get my back to the place where I can function again without pain. I was hesitant about going to a chiropractor at all, but I will return here if I need to.”

— Doug B.

“Dr. Bushong and team are by far the best chiropractic group I have ever worked with. The entire staff is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. And they do so much more than just adjustments, like laser treatment, massage therapy, physical therapy, brain injury healing, and others.”
— Dan F.
“Dr. Bushong is easy to talk with about my back problems and offers good suggestions. I appreciate his expertise and how much he welcomes me when I have a treatment.”
— Judy G.

“Dr. Hazlett quickly picked up on what was going on in my body and suggested laser treatment because of the shingle situation. I could tell quite a difference in my back pain and stomach discomfort after the treatment. I’m so glad I got to see him as my back pain was pretty unbearable then.”

— Georgia P.

"This was one of the BEST evaluations I've ever had with a health professional. For once, I feel hopeful about an improved quality of life with your expertise and guidance, Dr. Hazlett."
— Cat G.
"I felt like Dr. Bushong really listened to my symptoms and was empathetic to what I've been through."
— Colleen M.

“I had a great first time experience at Lancaster Brain & Spine. The staff were all very nice! Dr. Hazlett spent time not only explaining things to me, but also taking time to listen as I explained my aches, pains and numbness. I’m looking forward to future visits to receive help with my spine issues. I was very pleased that I chose to go to this clinic. Thank you!”

— Brenda G.

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